Workshop: Make soap.
ref: 3335
Location: Lleida Noguera - Montgai
Prices: from 15,0€
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Make your own soap and recycle!
The workshop you will learn how to make your own soap by hand and discover the secrets of this so deeply rooted tradition.

Participants will learn various techniques of preparation: cold, with boiler and liquid. The workshops, which will be paid by the masters of the population soap dishes.

The main objective of the workshops is to teach artisan soap from used cooking oil. So, attendees will participate in the recycling and avoid this waste is thrown in nature. The oil that is generated every day at home is one of the most toxic and problematic for the environment, because a single litter dumped in the drain can pollute up to 100,000 liters of water.
Includes visit to the room with a soap sabonet gift.

Duration : 2 hours

Visiting days : Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays
Timetable : from 16.30 pm to 18.30 in

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